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It's no secret that women and girls exist foreverth space such as diet. Have repeatedly shown that full and obese young women who are attracted little. Overweight, above all, a burden on the body, which entails a series of diseases. In our modern world there are many different types of diets, each of which gives the result (well, at least on paper), by the way posmotret different you can on the women's portal "AllWomans".

One of the 10 most common diets - this is cabbage. Studies show that in the last 7 days lost 5 pounds of excess weight. Cooked cabbage dishes do not contain fats like raw and cooked.

Behind her is the Japanese diet, which allegedly otminusuet to 8 pounds in 2 weeks. Its effect is based on the use of seafood and the absence of salt.

The Brazilian diet based on fruits and vegetables. During the week you can lose up to 4 pounds.

Interval orA three-day diet lasts up to 9 days, divided in 3 days, can be a large number of drinking water, taking in the diet of potatoes, rice, vegetables. Another very popular express diet for up to 5 days. Thus no dinner, and the total amount of food is greatly reduced. It looks something like this:

  • breakfast, egg, unsweetened tea;
  • close to 12 o'clock, low-fat cottage cheese;
  • lunch of fish, without salt and oil.
  • for dinner - unsweetened tea.

Very large effect is given unloading etc.nor, for 3 days of discharge can lose weight by 4 kg. Here's how:

  • Day 1 - introduction to the diet;
  • 2nd - starvation;
  • third - out of the diet.

In preparation for fasting,necessary to completely eliminate fatty foods. For breakfast - only green tea, lunch - fruit and vegetables, after 18.00 pm - that does not take by mouth. The second day is devoted to fasting. At the same time allowed to drink some water. On the third day allowed to eat all the same, what they ate on the first day. Still it is possible to try to get rid of extra pounds with the help oftea for weight loss. It speeds up the metabolism, and the result is achieved much faster. Having defined the diet wish you achieve the desired result.

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