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Headphones - a headset for private listening audio stream information. In modernnnom high-tech society, the concept of headphones, most commonly associated with the world of music as a means for listening to music on an individual basis. Nevertheless, the development of design and technology used in headphones, made it possible to use them in other areas that require sound Workerelnosti. For example, in concert or television sector, as well as education - wherever you need secure communication. In such circumstances, the use of traditional headphone acceptable vslestvie presence of a wired connection and visible placement in the ear. For such purposes are widely used so-called mikronauSchnick. They represent a small size device operating on a wireless basis. dSam own earpiece is a device that, due to their small size, imperceptibly placed inside the ear canal. By the way, if you need to then visit the online store: MicroShop.kz, which sells all kinds of microronaushnikov (also have the opportunity to rent this aparatury). However, only one "earphone" for sound transmission is not enough. It is necessary also to combine elements of the system such as a data communication module (usually in the form of an inductive loop type antenna) and the signal source (such as a mobile phone, a voice recorder and the like). Cappsula, which is placed in the ear canal contains a high quality speaker, which provides data transfer. The data transmission system can be arranged in such technologies as: Hands-free, Bluetooth, radio. The insertion module itself may be either a magnetic or capsule.

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