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it is possible, after the discovery of a number of specialty shops optichesone equipment. It offers a variety of companies and models. One of the most important days in the study considered solstice. About him many legends, but the scientific world tries to explain his simple behavior of the planets and the sun. This day there are two times a year and has specific data. It starts from the interaction of the Earth during the rotationtion around the sun. At this time, mankind is experiencing the shortest night and the shortest daylight hours. Naturally, one of which occurs in the winter and the other in the summer.

Solstice may vary depending on the hemisphere of the planet. Northern Hemisphere meets solstice about 21 to 22of December. During this time, there has been the shortest sunny day. Naturally, the night would have a maximum length of time. The summer solstice hocks from 20 to 21 July. Day becomes much longer and the night turns into a minimal amount of time. Many legends in ancient times is connected with these dates. EThe one difference is that the southern hemisphere that these dates fall on opposite times of the year.

to monitor the solstice is almost impossible, since it depends on the appearance of the sun, or rather its light on the surface of our planet. If you take a full cycle of changing the date solstice, theit can be described by the following method. On the night of December 22, the sun slowly begins to take most of the daylight hours. Once it reaches the maximum score on the night of July 21, it begins to gradually reduce the amount of daylight and night becomes longer. In the same night of December 22, the night becomes the maximumlong. Each year, the situation with the solstice begins again.

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