Nourishing hair mask based on the yeast

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Yeast - a living organism, representatives microscopycal unicellular fungi that have adapted to life in organically rich liquid or semi-liquid substance. We all yeasts are known primarily due to their use in pekarstve, but they are very useful for the organism properties used in other areas, for example, in cosmetics. - A godsend for the best person,ed yeast, in relation to the skin of the face, are as follows: anti-aging, leveling, give elasticity and velvety. It is sold in almost every store, more importantly, to yeasts were fresh. This ingredient rescues the skin from unpleasant occurrences age, useful for acne, nourishes the skin and at the same time acts on many effectiveher than laser or chemical peels.

There are several popular recipes on the basis of this component:

  1. classic mask (composed of water and yeast). Effectively restores the skin's structure. Applied about two times a week. The preparation is very simple: in warm water to dissolve the yeast to the state of larvaeof the sour cream, then it is possible to apply the skin;
  2. Purifying Mask (yogurt, tea or cheese, yeast). Smoothes and tightens pores;
  3. Effective mask (vegetable oil and yeast). Suitable for dry skin. Applied to two times a week;
  4. Honey and herbal mask (yeast, honey, vegetable oil). Used for suhogand of normal skin type. It softens the skin perfectly;
  5. Whitening Mask (a few grams, 2 teaspoons fresh squeezed lemon juice);
  6. Anti-aging (50 grams of yeast is mixed with rye flour and lukewarm water to obtain a mixture of types of thick cream).

Yeast contain a lot of fieldznyh substances that our body needs. The use of yeast is also effective in low immunity, vitamin deficiency, during times of stress and strenuous exercise. Many girls and women who have tried the yeast as a cosmetic product, and were more than happy as they do not harm the   skin and, at the same time, the usefulfor the entire body.

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