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As already known from the school coursePhysics, any naturally occurring substance can be in one of three states of aggregation. Each of these is characterized by a certain set of characteristics. For example, one of the most important substances in nature - the air - is in the gaseous state. And one of the most important characteristics is its vohduha humidity, ie the ratio of the countamount of water to the total volume of air. It depends on various climatic factors, as well as the objective conditions of temperature of the room. Its maximum value depends on the temperature: at its height, the maximum possible humidity increases, and in the fall, respectively, decreases. In a domestic environment, especially in winter, when the air heatingis batteries, its moisture content is significantly reduced, thereby creating a favorable environment for the development of various infections. No wonder that at ARI recommended often do wet cleaning and airing. This is not to erode viruses premises. In fact, cold and humid air, contrary to popular belief, is IDEAlnym weapon against viruses. With such a task designed to manage devices called dampers, air purifiers. Their main task is to maintain a comfortable humidity level or set, air cleaning from dust and other contaminants enrichment of air mikroellementami useful. On the Ukrainian market about this positionNormally the moisturizers and hold. Their main advantages in comparison with analogues are:

  • low power consumption, due to the special design of the motor;
  • a wide range, which helps to cover the area from 10 to 300 square meters. m.;
  • Used cold evaporation principle, which ensures better accuracy and stability;
  • folding case that makes it easy to carry out the cleaning operation.

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