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What do you associate Japan? Surely, in response to this GPgrowing up, you visualize the characters, samurai robots. This country is far from unambiguous, its mysterious people. They have learned to realize their potential, becoming, in fact, a conservative medieval state of one of the strongest economies in the world and the strongest in the scientific and technical point of view the nation. However, no one is rich robotsthis country, because amidst all this electronic paradise, a place for a nice flavor with deep historical traditions. The aroma of this is known. The first mention of the brand and flavor of accounts for 1964. Then released a perfume in a fairly short period of time gained enormous popularity, not only in the national arena, but in the wholeworld. Since fragrance Zen survived two reissues, confidently marching in step with the times, responding to requests of modern fashionistas. The modern version of the classic fragrance owes its existence to the quadrupeds perfume range of specialists Mike Almayraku. The new fragrance is positioned as a combination of floral and woody notes of, and contains in its structuresubtle fragrant fruit (bergamot, pineapple, grapefruit, freesia, peach) and floral notes (freesia, lily of the valley, gardenia, lotus), combined with thin line herbs (St. John's wort, Musk, patchouli). A distinctive feature is the flavor of the so-called blue roses, which is obtained by combining the scent of roses and violets. In addition, it is sufficientbut conceived in terms of the total composition, turned the bottle of perfume, which is to create a hand-known in these circles Japanese designer Taisuke Kikuchi. By the way, to get perfumed water Shiseido Zen can be in the store cosmetics: makeup.com.ua.

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