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Powder Eyebrow - a new color cosmetics, which has a unique finely dispersedw texture comprises talc, mica, magnesium myristate. It allows eyebrows look beautiful and natural, perfect finish clearance face. It is a wonderful tool and a tool in the process of formation of ideal eyebrow. Well-groomed and neatly eyebrows, always emphasize your eyes, and are worthy of the final stage makeup.has a fine structure consists of a fairly small particles that are great paint over the eyebrows and have a persistent, lasting effect. In the powder composition play an important role as well, pigment dyes, which determine the color tone of powder. This powder is applied to a special brush and falls evenly throughout the length of the eyebrows may also Spanisholzovatsya with   penciled in as fixing color. The palette of colors is very large, for every taste and color (coffee and coal, nut-gray, milk, black and many others). Particular shade gives a coloring pigment. Some types of powder (masosoderzhaschego type) nourish the skin and predovraschayut it dries. High-quality powder has an importantcharacteristic: it does not crumble, and most importantly very resistant and does not spread. The stunning result of using this powder feel eyebrows that look natural, thick, natural and well-groomed. She would do well with tasks such as:

  1. Uvelicheie volume in rare eyebrows;
  2. Prorisovanie new form;
  3. Prorisovanie otsustvuyuschh eyebrows;
  4. Masking overly plucked eyebrows.

Powder gives natural and allows women to look natural. By the way, on the site you can buy makeup.com.uabe a universal powder eyebrow Artdeco Eye brow Powder, which does not spread throughout the day and keeps the color is not dependent on weather conditions and the type of skin.

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