The film "The Comedy of bygone days"

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The world of art has no clear borders, frames, it mnogogranen, regardless of the type (film, theater, painting, etc.). Nevertheless, there are certain stylistic and temporal features, which impose his own style on the general characteristics of the works. Accordingly, there is a whole range of products of art, which has a special character, special importance not only for the artist (in the broad understandingResearch Institute of the word), but also to society and the world at large. Such works are called classics. In the film world, to those certainly include comedy film authorship Yu Kushnereva "Comedy of bygone days." By the way, you can watch it online:. The main feature of the film "The Comedy of bygone days" is a form of building plotline where enough harmoniously fragments of several other well-known films and characters and personalities (so-called concept of crossover), for example, « Volga-Volga & raquo ;, « Jolly Fellows & raquo ;, « Circus » etc. The plot is built around a treasure hunt some granny. Moreover, in this situation, a feature thatit is quite similar to the story « The Twelve Chairs & raquo ;, and not just because of his heroes - Bender and Kish Vorobyaninov - involved at the level of the main characters. As, or partners, or antagonists for this couple in the film there is another pair of protagonists, treasure hunters (as well as the well-known adventureplace), which are no less well-known from his "colleagues" - Experienced and Coward (from Gaydaevskogo cycle). As is the case with chairs, there are also a prototype of the treasury - the old house, which, although it is available in single quantity, but mention of it in a sort of silent film, and this is significantly expands the range of the search.

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