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The ring member is the best way to extend the fun


to make love as long as you want to help ring member . Unusual toy will not only support the erection throughout the sexual marathon, but will give an unforgettable experience of intimacy.

How does cock ring

Gently compress the base of the male penis, the ring prevents the outflow of blood. The trunk stays firm, partner has time to enjoy himself and bring to orgasm a favorite.

Spicy toy helps to delay the onset of ejaculation, makes sex a bright and sensual. With this accessory, every man will become passionate and confident lover.

the Ring member are usually made of flexible materials (silicone, latex or rubber). They stretch well and fit on any size. Well-chosen sex toys do not RUB and do not cause discomfort.

Ring with notches, spines, grooves, bumps and other relief stronger stimulate the nerve endings of the penis and is designed to generate more excitement. Trying the product for the first time, it is better to opt for smooth models without extra features.

ready for bold experiments in bed? Note vibracula. Tantalizing throbbing, stimulation of the scrotum, testicles, anus or clitoris of the female partner will delight both partners. To use an accessory can both heterosexual and homosexual couples.


is it Safe to use a cock ring?

Cock ring absolutely safe for men's health. But wear it too long is not worth it. To eliminate the stagnation of blood in the penis and erection problems in the future, during sex take short breaks, enough every 20 minutes.

to Wear the ring only on an erect penis. To facilitate use of the accessory will help the lube. A couple of drops of gel on the penis and the product itself would be sufficient.

Before you start prelude, check the ring for proper operation, charge vibrocore from the network or change the batteries. Always keep the device and it will delight You for years.

high-Quality cock ring get rid of problems with potency and return sex in the life of every man. Favorite would be satisfied on 100%! Will fit toy and as a gift to a loved one.

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