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Today, decorative blocks are very often used by many designers for lining as private houses and apartments and modern offices. This building material is distinguished by its perfect appearance, environmental friendliness and decorative stone white hills has a long life. To buy decorative brick White hills quite easily, and its cost will be a pleasant surprise for many customers. It will help to elevate the living space, making it truly exclusive and incredibly attractive. Let's take a closer look at the products from the company white hills .

Where to apply decorative tile White Hills?

the Above product line specialists use for the walls and indoor partitions:

  • swimming pool, sauna, bath;
  • the
  • bedroom, living room;
  • the
  • loggias, balconies;
  • the
  • beauty Studio, cafes, restaurants
  • the
  • offices.

a Variety of forms and textures, rich color palette will help transform Your home into a real design masterpiece without significant financial losses.

the Advantages of the model range

Decorative material from the brand White Hills look similar to conventional tiles. Through the use of selected components, high-quality European equipment and constant control of all stages of manufacture of the above samples have the following advantages:

  • sound insulation qualities will protect the room from street noise;
  • the
  • environmentally friendly made with only proven ingredients;
  • the
  • easily create a large load on the Foundation and walls, easy to transport;
  • the
  • long service life materials make their owners happy excellent appearance without any special care or decades;
  • the
  • excellent durability resistance to high humidity, high temperatures, harmful effects of direct sunlight;
  • the
  • the correct geometry of the small thickness of the specimens contributes to the ease of processing and the future of masonry;
  • the
  • simplicity the possibility of laying using a conventional adhesive composition.

This type of bricks will not only decorate the walls but also protect the room from winter cold. He has good thermal insulation features. To learn more about the product, to obtain qualified advice and to order in Moscow .

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