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High technology in our time ceased to be something fantastic and unreal. Increasingly, all kinds of advanced developments are actively used in a professional environment, and at the household level. modern man is largely dependent on different kinds of innovations that make it more mobile and perfect. It should be noted that due to the high technologies it is possible to achieve high results in activities of various companies and organizations. In many respects, technological advances have made possible through widespread use of virtual space. The global Internet nowadays is used for very different purpose. Moreover, the world wide web it is easy to find almost any information. The global Internet allows no restrictions to share any data.

Within the global network United together millions of computers. Their close interaction is ensured by the special equipment, which are called servers. The server used to store various amounts of information. It allows you to share data, and also performs several other useful functions. In fact, the server is the same computer, however, with more advanced functionality. Job server provides special software, configure which is carried out by qualified professionals. Between the servers can be divided into different types, for example:

  • game server;
  • the
  • the database server;
  • the
  • web server.

the Main difference between the server lies in its functional features. It is worth noting that the server is required for the organization of work of local networks, which are every year becoming more popular and in demand. Local networks are used by many companies and organizations and provide reliable protection of confidential information.


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