Web designer: features of a profession


the Web designer develops the look and feel of websites, as well as making layouts that needed for a future layout (in some cases it also makes the layout). In addition, this expert is an illustration of the content on the website, creating banners + icons, handles pictures that are uploaded to the resource and does many other things , is necessary in order that the website looks attractive and comfortable for visitors.

nowadays this profession is very popular and in demand. This was possible thanks to the emergence of a huge variety of websites and with the ability to work remotely from anywhere there is Internet access. Today, you can find a lot of designers and freelancers who travel a lot or live in the winter in a warmer climate (by the way, you can look at the website https://pchel.net/). These opportunities have raised the prestige of the profession at a whole new level.


Place of work

web Studio, without exception, and often the it departments of the advertising Agency responsible for the development and support of web sites, have a staff of the technician. Many web designers work on a freelance exchanges and engaged in several projects at the same time or are involved in the emergence of specific tasks.


Basic duties of the web designer

the duties of the technician include:

  • Drawing layouts of websites / individual pages;
  • Creating e-mail newsletters, design an entire web site or its individual pages;
  • Creating banners, icons, and various illustrations for web sites.

Sometimes, web designers do:

  1. Layout web sites;
  2. the design of various polygraphic products;
  3. CMS Setup;
  4. the Development of corporate style and logos;
  5. create a flash animation.


It's a little not logical to require a web designer to program and to impose the fact that they were drawn. For programming there are php programmers and layout designers. But now many firms are looking for specialists, generalists, able to simultaneously close a few holes in the company. But, however, pay for it and much more besides, and take a job much more likely.

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