What is interpretation?


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As you know, there are two main types of translation: translation and interpretation. By interpreting are two subspecies: synchronous and lastovatelny.

Let us examine what is more interpretation. &Nbsp;

Simultaneous translation - a kind of interpretation which applies to international conferences, seminars, business meetings and so on. D. It is carried out in parallel with the perception of an interpreterm at the hearing of the proposed single oral communication in the original language in isolation from the audience cabin. Such a transfer is made under extreme conditions, because at any given time translator processes the information is strictly limited volume. These extreme conditions of simultaneous translation on timet time give rise to stress in the simultaneous interpreter, as a normal person can not listen and talk at the same time - it is a psycho-physiological anomaly.

You can perform a simple experiment: put a cassette in the native language and repeat out loud every second word. Or even more difficult: to repeat each verb in this text. So onBraz, with this exercise, the conditions,
approximate simultaneous interpreter to work.

When the simultaneous interpreter is in an isolated cabin without seeing the speaker, and heard his speech through headphones and speakers said at the same time with a pause 3-4 words. Its role is invisible, but the responsibility is very high.

It should be noted the difficulties in simultaneous interpretation:

  • The psychological discomfort (simultaneous listening and speaking);
  • mental stress are associated with the irreversibility of the speaker said;
  • n Psihichesklevol- tage, are associated with the irreversibility of translation and a large audience of listeners;
  • Mental stress caused by the rapid pace of speech speaker.

The difficult task of linguistic language compression (compression of the text). After Russian words into English 7-8% longer, and REPAIREDrye words need to explain in a few words in Russian, especially new concepts.

A fuzzy or non-standard pronunciation Rapporteur, especially from Africa, India, Nigeria, Japan, and other countries speaking English.

The qualities necessary for becoming a professional sinhronisthat:

Talent (ie, a specific set of innate psycho-physical characteristics):

  • focus;
  • fast response;
  • speech rate;
  • mental and physical endurancest.

Psychologists include the following qualities:

  • the presence of encyclopedic knowledge and ability to use them in the processing of large material;
  • the ability to have hearing any speech in a foreign language (at the household level is notneed to know the 3000 words);
  • fluency in idioms;
  • ingenuity and resourcefulness.

The challenges faced by professional translators are:

  • idioms misunderstanding, ignorance Fr.azeologii, jargon, slang;
  • inability to recreate the play on words in a foreign language;
  • difficulty in passing role appearance of characters;
  • difficulties in supplies original and translation to different cultures.

If you have difficulty understanding speech. How Come? Speech recognition is due to the so-called signature word - something like the phonetic signature speaker. Each person has their own signature words, it is unique as handwriting (recognition on the phone). Signature of the native language we start to absorb from childhood, and nrotyazhenii of our lives continues to replenish its own "bank signatures." Therefore, each of us will understand any speaker in our language, as if it does not distort the speaker.

After training in sinhronista- interpreter who does not have a natural language database in its « bank signatures » charged no more than 10 secondsignatur. Where do we get an understanding of a foreign language? Yes during practice translator has almost no conditions to « accumulate signature & raquo ;. Speaker knowing that it takes the alien must speak slowly. What to do? Live in this country, to work in a real language environment - harder, ancillary workers, sanitations and t. d.

If you need interpreters advise you to turn to professionals. Good in our country there are many that provide similar services at the highest level.

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