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How to pave paths in the garden

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spring thaw,dirt under your feet – all this does not give comfort to owners of private houses and suburban areas. Being in his garden should be convenient and comfortable, so the question arises, what tile walkway in the garden . There are many ways to make a move on your site user-friendly. Some requirecertain financial costs for the implementation of certain ideas need time and energy.

The simplest garden path

However, there is the simplest and cheapest way than. Certainly, many gardeners and owners of private house has a lot of unclaimed itemaryh bricks and debris. That is they who need the device is quite decent and cheap sidewalk.

In addition, consumables you will also need:

  • Shovel (shovels);
  • Trowel;
  • Buckets;
  • Hammer;
  • Level. Garden path with their hands

The first step

Align the site for future track. Cut off a small top layer of soil, it is necessary to establish itsshaped side guides. This may be old iron pipes of small diameter, sawn lengthwise asbestos cement pipes, narrow boards or bars. Install them on the edges of our future garden path, hammered hammer wedges prepared, in order to keep these guides from the offset. The spirit level can be set is determinedenny slope for draining rainwater, or set them horizontally. The level of these elements should be slightly lower than the total thickness of the brick and sand cushion.

The second step

sprinkling a small layer of sand. The thickness of 3-4 inches will suffice. The sand should be thoroughly compactedand shed with plenty of water. Should get a smooth sandy surface. Now it should be laid bricks. Do not place them too tightly. So you save material and track will be much more functional. Laying bricks, it is not necessary to check every one of them on a level, but from time to time, still need to contlated total horizontal stacking. The main thing that packed tightly enough element lay down on the sand base and does not wobble. To do this, you need a trowel or pour a small amount of sand, or vice versa, to cut off the excess.

After all the bricks are laid, it is necessary to fill the gap between them. You can do this in the usualsand. But over time, between the bricks begin to break through the grass. If you find this is crucial, it can be a mixture of sand and cement and fill the gap. Use a soft brush to create the markup almost the entire surface of the finished track. Despite the fact that the bricks underfoot is not the best and durable material suchoh homemade pavement lasts for years faithfully. In addition, you can use pieces of bricks old blind area.

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