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Many students ask the question: "Why should I write, etc., what's in it for me?". This issue is one of the most popular among students. The answer for them is obvious nonsense teachers that nobody wants. But in reality, writing is an excellent exercise to describe your own thoughts as well as logical thinking.


what works?

This is a compelling consistent presentation of analytical thoughts on a specific topic. This assignment is a test that involves placing marks opposite supposedly correct answer. Before the student lies the white paper and the assignment topic or question on which/yy need to Express their thoughts. In order to complete this sheet you need to use both right and left sides of my brain. And the more you will write these same essays, the better it will function your brain. In order to successfully write essays need years of training. Therefore, the school should instill in students the skills of this plan since the third grade.

One who is able to consistently and competently Express their own thoughts, it will be easy to convince others of their position. As a result, you can become the leader and it's much easier and faster to achieve the desired, be confident and be able to lead other people.

Essays force students to focus on a specific subject. Initially it may seem that in your head there are absolutely no thoughts on a given topic, but after you start thinking of mechanism, abstracts, and ideas just come flying swarm. They can complement each other in covering a variety of events or image and can be disputed and reversed. The main thing is not to Express all the thoughts muddled together, and to break it down.

Trained in essay writing people can easily analyze the situation and take the right decision where it should move, not relying on the herd instinct. Know that a person who knows how to write essays, is a real person who has his own opinion on any occasion.

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