Essay: Do people need the war?

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Do people need the war, whether it brings the benefit for man, the whole nation? Several generations of people throughout The Second World War, WW 2the ages were trying to give the answer to this question. From ancient times, people have recaptured from one another land, property, because they wanted to form their own state on the specific territory.
But the war which occurred in the twentieth century was not for the adaptation to life and was to just kill, release anger, get rich. It is terrible, because a bullet in the war - it's wild animal, which does not matter who to kill, even if it will be either a man, or woman, or child. War its the sorrow, tears and death of innocent people. Only during the Second World War, we lost forever twenty-seven million Soviet citizens. Is there no other way to solve the political issue? The theme of war frequently raised in the works of Russian and Ukrainian writers.
Alexander DovzhenkoThe famous Ukrainian writer Oleksandr Dovzhenko in his stories show like no one else the atmosphere that was in the days of the Second World War. During the war, Dovzhenko working with a great desire, quickly responded to the important events of the war. In addition to stories, articles, he wrote an appeal "To Arms", "Ukraine is on fire." These publications are filled with anger against the Nazis and the belief in the victory over the enemy. A talented writer, wrote an amazing story, "Mother." By the cost of her life, Ukrainian collective farmer saved twoThe Second World War, WW 2 Russian pilots, whom named her sons. Alexander Dovzhenko wrote composition "Mother" in 1943 in the terrible days of Great Patriotic War of our people against the Nazi invaders. This is an exciting story about the courage and heroism of patriot woman, who sacrificed her life to saved Soviet soldiers from the accursed enemy. With warmth and cordiality, the writer depicts a simple woman with her unbounded love. The Second World War, WW 2How gently she takes care of the wounded pilots, who arrived at her house. Majesty and beauty of the soul of Maria Stoian most clearly revealed in the scene in the village square, when she tried to rescue pilots and goes to her death.
Poem, "The word about the own mother", the Soviet people first heard on the radio in November 29, 1941, when Ukraine was occupied by the German fascist invaders, from the mouth of the author. On this day, was organized the first anti-fascist meeting and The Second World War, WW 2Maxim Rylsky announced in it impassioned speech, which was ended by an amazing poetic composition. "The word about the own mother" is a call to fight against Fascism. In each row of the book burns love for the motherland and glitters glory of past exploits. Rows of the poet are imbued with national pride for the freedom-loving Ukrainian Cossacks, its heroic people, who for the centuries defended the Motherland from the Turks, Tartars.
The Second World War, WW 2Also writer Andrew Malyshko has perfectly shown the war in his composition "Prometheus". In the image of a simple boy from Smolensk, poet portrays the people who heroically defended their land and their people against the invaders.
My grandfather knows about war not by hearsay since he, like other young men of that time, had fought on the front. Great grandfather was called up to the front in 1944, when he was 18 years old. Georgy ZhukovHe began to perform military service from Belarus at the Second Ukrainian Front, commanded by Georgy Zhukov. I often speak with great grandfather about the war. He told me an interesting stories about how he was severely wounded in the chest, how he came to Berlin. From the mouth of great grandfather, I clearly understood that the war - its a terrible grief that has never should come to our land. I never want to wake up in morning under bombings, shells, grenades, and never want to see shining red blood splatter on the leaves of plants, covered with morning dew.

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    Chauss - 22.11.2012, 06:51
    There is nothing worse then war. Peace in whole world is real importance.
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    Damen - 23.11.2012, 12:20
    I like this assay.