Baby Lips - Lip Balm with color and odor from Maybelline


In the global cosmetics market, there is enoughmany brands that produce a fairly wide range of products. However, not many can boast such a long and fascinating history the highest authority, the American cosmetics company Maybelline. Throughout its more than a century of history, the company gives a special advantage to the development of ornamentalredstv eye - mascaras and eye shadow. In this sector of cosmetics company has achieved unprecedented success, its products are automatically associated with the highest quality, and its advertising deal with some of the best top models and actresses in the world (K.Tarlington, A.Lima, D. Maran and others). Nevertheless, in this rather narrow range aboutproducts of the company there was a place for the means to care for lips. This product is in the form of balsam and is called. Total company produces two types of conditioners Baby Lips, each of which has three colors.

The first group includes colorless balm with SPF 20 special formula:

  • "Intensive Care" - a balm that protects against cracking and chapping, contains subtle aromatic notes of lemon, basil;
  • "Humidification and freshness" - Balm with invigorating peppermint gives a truly refreshing coolness and moisture to your lips;
  • "Gentle Care" - gentle notes of cherries and almonds are great for sensitive skin.

The second group is represented by so-called colored balms, which in addition to bright colors give more and pleasant aroma:

  • " Passion "- gives a light pink gloss and flavor of passion fruit;
  • "Peach" - gives some glimmer of pearl shade and peach flavor;
  • "Cherry" - gives a bright cherry flavor, combines a good wetting and red cherry tint the lips.
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