What better potato varieties planted in the Volyn Polesye

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No one will deny that the potatoes for Volhyniayang Polischuks - not a second bread, and the chief, the first. Therefore, they consume themselves, preparing a variety of dishes, feed the chickens, pigs and cattle. However, the grade should be changed periodically, so that they do not degenerate and give high yields. Elite varieties of potatoes Ukrainian, Polish, Dutch and German selection Volyn offers SGTzOV « fertility Agro » That Lutsk area. It is the only farm in the area, having a full production cycle, from cultivation of seed and ending with its storage.

- The most popular among farmers have seven varieties of potatoes, even though we offer 50 pay before implementing it for analysis for all products etc.AEM certificates, - says Vladimir Shegedin, director « fertility Agro ».

According to the landowner, the best in the Volyn region has established itself Latona. Also popular Red Scarlett, Tiras, Mozart, Alvar, Partner, Carrera. By the way, to buy seeds of these varieties of potatoes, you can online store "farmsEP Center ":

It is said that the choice of suitable varieties in the economy fundamentally. Checking the last three years, since before the seed potatoes - increased requirements. It should provide a good yield, be clean from viruses. To grow a potato, LLC « fertility Agro » Consultiruyutsya with scientists and manufacturers of fertilizers and plant protection products.

Top potato varieties

  • Alvaro . Middle-grade German selection, universal use. Sensitive to scab, so LaneU potato is desirable to sow green manure. Vegetation period - 80-90 days. Commodity crop - 120-125 days after planting. This variety has a high yield and good nutritional properties: not disintegrates when cooked, with a pronounced taste;
  • Carrera . Very earlysort of table appointments. From it you can get two crops a year. Quickly gaining weight and has a presentation. It is resistant to disease, but capricious to drugs. Vegetation period - 80-90 days. Product harvest - 65-70 days after planting. The flesh is light, creamy, does not darken after cooking;
  • Mozart . The variety of the Dutch selection. High-yielding, resistant to scab, good taste, high keeping quality. It has a long dormant period and later ripening, so before planting the tubers necessarily heated < / li>
  • Latona . Early varieties of Dutch selection. High-yielding, unpretentious. Advantage: has very good taste. Latona gives an early harvest in a drought and a rainy period. It grows almost throughout the summer. When transporting resistant to shocks, withstand far more days of transportation without damage. Well kept in the winter;
  • Partner . Nematodoustoychivy Ukrainian variety is mid table appointments. He has good taste and is best suited for the preparation of French fries. Its growing period - about 107 days. Recommended area of ??cultivation - Polesye.

It should be noted that today in Ukraine are working on breeding varieties of potatoes diet. It - pink or blue and purple potatoes. They have a high content of antioxidants remove heavy metals. And the varieties recommended for diabetics with low starch content, in particular Vodograi and benefitsas well.

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