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One method is to seal the keys on the keyboard and type on a modified keyboard. The essence of this article is to increase the speed of typing on the keyboard without the use of a keyboard simulator. Initially, you will need typing tutor:

  • to learn the location of the keys;
  • learn which finger you have to press on which key;
  • get basic motor skills of typing.

This article is not a dogma, and it's most suitable for those, who have a work on typing and want to save time spent on training. So, you have a keyboard with sealed keys. You have mastered the keyboard and have base typing skills. It may be difficult for you to type punctuation marks, because they are located in the digital row of the main part of the keyboard. They should also be sealed and, as a hint, you should use a piece of paper, on which will be drawn digital row with punctuation marks.

First steps

typing speedThe difficulty is to increase the speed. You can touch-type at speeds of 100-150 characters per minute, then it will be a difficult task to increase the speed. While typing, between the monitor and your hands must be text that you are typing, and above it must be a hint to a digital row (you can glue it to the bottom of the monitor). The first pair of sentences will cause a lot of inconveniences, the next pair of sentences can cause a feeling of inner resistance and a desire to stop this activity.  It's better here to make a little break and weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Do You Really Need to type quickly? If you are ready to further acceleration, try to write a small amount of text, preliminary go back to normal emotional state.

When the internal barriers will be defeated, and you will be able to type text easily, then you will fix at the uniform speed of typing. Further increase in speed from 150 to 200 characters per minute will flow measurably, almost linearly while typing the necessary texts. Raising of speed up to 300 characters per minute will come gradually, at this time you will quite easily type complex texts, sometimes stumbling and making errors.


In order to learn fast typing on the keyboard, you will need to type a lot of text, thousands of characters. In some texts - you will have good speed, in others - it will be lower. Typing speed greatly depends on the complexity of the text.

If you want to train you can install typing fanatic toolbar which will allow you to take free tests to calculate your "Words Per Minute" and improve your typing accuracy and speed! You can download it on the developer's website:

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