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The specifics of the legal market of the Russian Federation is the gradualtransforming the activities of law firms, lawyers and attorneys from a purely professional work activities it is conducting legal business. More details about this will tell us Vlasenko O. - Director General of the legal company "right decision":.

The specifics of the legal business

Of course, the legal business like other businesses, have common features and has its own specific characteristics. The development of the legal profession encourages the development of a legal business in general. Especially revealing is can be seen in the growth of law firms and the gradual replacement of one-mantion activities of lawyers and lawyers.

The concentration of lawyers and lawyers through their association has its advantages, as the united among themselves, lawyers and attorneys have the ability to concentrate and unite their efforts (physical, occupational, and others). In this regard, it is logicallooks legal market of the Russian Federation, namely the vast majority of orders in the legal market perform large law firms that focus, as a rule, in Moscow. If you analyze the activities of law firms in the region, it should be said that such activity has its own characteristics. In particular, in the legal market regRF ion inherent features of a lack of specialization of companies is much smaller budgets and lack, as a rule, time-based pay rates at all.

An interesting from the perspective of the analysis is the question of the competitive environment in the legal business. Of course, the level of competition at the level of regions and at the national level is veryhigh. The presence of a competitive environment, in my opinion, stimulate the development of the legal business. Now the quality of services is of great importance for businesses at any level. At the moment, out of the past practice of performing total volume of an order of the least specialized lawyers, because it is the quality of the mustachemeadow depends particular result, and as a consequence of a specific task.   The process of attracting new customers in the legal process of selling the company or legal services is gradually slowing, as most large companies is set to process « hold » existing customers.
Lackstable development of the Russian economy significantly affects the development of the legal market. Most of the companies are developing a variety of legal practice and attract a team of specialists from different branches of the law, because no stable economic situation affects the « rotation » more popular specialties. So one specialists, becoming more popular clients, and others less.


In summary I want to say that the development of the legal market depends on the development of the economy as a whole, and therefore only the sustainable development of the economy and overcome such negative phenomena in society, such as corruption - canan impetus for the development of legal services in our country.

Legal RFI market will continue to show a trend towards globalization « major players » in the market by combining the companies and the concentration of the bulk of the services provided by a relatively small number of companies.

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