What is the thesis of the robot specialist?


Qualification diplomaspecialist work is the final qualification work in which the student solves a complex of interrelated professional tasks in accordance with the requirements of the educational qualification characteristics (EQC) specialist. Let's talk about this in more detail and tell us about the qualifying work Karasev AA - employee compans.

How to understand the phrase « the nature of work qualification »?

Thesis specialist as a bachelor thesis is the nature of the qualification. By this is meant that when the thesis is to reveal the future specialist skills to solve for modelcottages, outlined in the OKH specialist and specific to its subsequent and practical activities. On the other hand, the thesis is intended to ensure that teachers in the implementation and in the protection of this work can objectively determine whether students are formed in the ability to address these common tasks and make up forits compliance with the requirements of training, due to the OKH.

The thesis specialist differs from other scientific works?

The diploma is different from previous coursework and bachelor thesis is not only the duration of the execution, but also as a consequence - large volume and quantityth student obtained results as well as the depth of their analysis, the degree of generalization, a deeper understanding of the place and significance of these results in solving research problems on the subject that make up the proper scientific - technical problem.

The diploma has the following objectives:


  • Finding the skills of independent performance of considerable volume of research under the guidance of the supervisor;
  • Securing and expanding the knowledge of lecture courses and practical topics that have been studied in accordance with the curriculum;
  • The acquisition is the deepening of the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field and international business which are not directly included in the curriculum;
  • The acquisition and consolidation of skills with special scientific and technical literature;
  • The acquisition of NavaCove use the PC to process the results, performance computing, modeling and design of experiments, for the display of text and graphics, as well as to search for scientific and technical information via the Internet or local information systems.

  How We mentionearlier, the process of implementation in the thesis the student must confirm the presence of skills and knowledge gained in the previous period of study, and be able to apply them to solve problems that are part of a thesis.

What is the pre diploma practice?

precedes the Diploma before graduationpractice. Input data and results obtained in practice pregraduation used in research work. Before starting the thesis the student must:

  • To be familiar with the scientific literature;
  • Navigate to related issues;
  • To have the necessary means specifically - economic research;
  • To be able to draw conclusions and think about the results compared with literature data.

In the course of the work the student must make creative use of the standardof methods are that he mastered earlier, to solve non-standard problems, and perform complex investigations that are carried out with the use of scientific methods, informative complement each other.

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