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And you already know what the best place forbreak from everyday work and everyday affairs? We offer you the magic sanatoria of Kislovodsk for you, your family and friends, namely: « Spring & raquo ;, « horizon & raquo ;, « they. Kirov » (Read more on the website:). Entrust your: leisure, entertainment, recreation, rehabilitation professionals, and enjoy life!

Sanatorium "Rodnik"

Came the summer holidays and your child interact with their peers in social networks and only plays computer games? You go to work and can not devote enough time for recreation with my son or daughter? At your service - Pearl Stavropolskogoy region, one of the best resorts on thefield - "Spring". Where no child is bored, and daily activities and games to help you find a lot of new friends and acquaintances.

"Spring" offers for our children an effective program for recovery. A balanced diet, morning exercises, medical treatment, clean forest air force returned students and stuchshat physical development.

In addition, the health and fitness complex rich entertainment program: sports games, kult.masovi events, mugs art dance school, Club of Intellectual Games, vivid performances and disco every day. Every resident of the "spring" has the opportunity to unleash their talAntes at various competitions and shows. Do not wait and will order the tickets.

The resort "Horizon"

In the summer residents are fleeing from the daily noise of everyday monotonous cases, a contaminated air. So far we have not found a place to relax with a luxurious environment and full range of services for the soul and bodya? One of the best modern resorts of Russia is waiting for its visitors!

attentive doctors and nurses will take care of your health, so after a spa treatment in the "Outlook" you go back to work weekdays, full of energy and ideas.

It offers comfortable rooms, a variety oftion menu, the treatment of an individual prescription. The treatment process used mineral water from its own wells. In his spare time you can go for a walk arboretum, relax on the shores of a lake or river. The sanatorium "Outlook" You will complete treatment and comfortable stay.

The resort "to them. Kirov"

During the three months of summer vacation from school and lessons students need to rest and get healthier. But the parents take care of the health and leisure of their children, with the least expenditure of time and money Rely on these concerns to one of the best children's health resorts - buy a ticket to the unique health resort Stavropolskogoo edge - "to them. Kirov ".

The resort "to them. Kirov" is famous for its unique mud treatments. Net forest recreation zone effectively help in the treatment of pulmonary diseases. In addition to the children's sanatorium used such treatments as physiotherapy department (inhalation tubus- quartz apparatus for magnetic therapy), massage, exercise therapy, Aquariuschenie and treatment baths, underwater shower massage, circular shower, shower, gidroaerozolni bath, thermotherapy, mud, herbal tea room.

And besides miracle treatment, the children all the time to be outdoors - sports, entertainment programs and competitions, themed parties and excursions. After such a child singing entertainmentvitsya a lot of good friends and acquaintances, and resort "to them. Kirov" is a favorite holiday destination.

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