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This fabric like poplin now back in vogue . This strong and dense TKAHb started to produce in Avignon in the fourteenth century, from the poplin sewed clothes for the entourage of the Pope. In Russia, it was brought only in the 18th century (from Europe), and sold it as a "European calico".

The technology of its manufacture is the same plain weave, as well as in the production ofcalico and chintz. This is the easiest kind of weaving in which the weft (longitudinal thread) intersects the base (vertical thread). Its feature - a rep effect, which is formed by a small scar, resulting as a consequence of using yarns of different thicknesses: Duck fat is taken and used for the base of a thin thread.

advan-tage poplin

Today Poplin mostly made from chemical fibers and long-staple cotton, silk is used less often on the basis of wool. Especially valuable poplin, which is 100% cotton. It is delivered from Turkey, China, India, Indusonezii, Pakistan (textiles from various manufacturers are almost identical in quality).

Available multicolored, printed, bleached, dyed fabric. Products from a poplin :

  • retain heat;
  • do not require ironing after washing;
  • nice body;
  • Soft nand touch;
  • breathable;
  • keep their shape;
  • absorb moisture.

What sew from poplin

Traditionally made from this material sew: children's and women's clothing, men's shirts, pajamas. In the 19th century, women wore dresses of the balls flowingXia soft poplin .

Modern designers have returned to its former splendor material and sew from it today: evening dresses, men's fashion jackets and dresses Cocktail.

For example, sew dresses, poplin shirt is just the same ideal material. More recently, from poplin began to produce bed lingerie .

Bed underwear of the poplin , calico or satin - which is better?

The best material for bedding is cotton. Relatively inexpensive bed linen sewn from calico. But durable and strong bed underwear has a 1-in is not importantwealth - it is hard and rough.

Underwear of shiny silky satin body nice and attractive in appearance. The disadvantage of this underwear is its high cost.

Speaking of bedding underwear of poplin , for example, it is thin, soft, with a frosted elegant luster, durability is not inferior to the linen from coarse calico, but in turn, it is pleasant to touch and much softer. Underwear satin inferior to the variety of figures, but has a significantly smallerprice.

According to the longevity Poplin resembles coarse calico, and external - satin. Price bed of poplin is about halfway between the price of linen and satin of calico. Such a underwear maintains a huge amount of washes at pace. 30 ° C to 60 ° C, noloses its shape and color, does not roll, does not require ironing.

A lot of buyers leaves positive feedback on this bed rest underwear , but you need to watch out for counterfeiting.

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