What are the down jackets are fashionable this season


The most popular top winter odERA - this jacket. And it's easy, and warm and practical, and saves the wind and frost. More significantly cheaper than natural fur coat or a coat. So, what styles, models and colors of feather best this season and next year? As in Europe, and here in Ukraine, not very cold, but pretty whimsical winter, designers offer new Yingesting solutions. By the way, modnyepuhoviki purchase from the manufacturer, you can online TM « Tocco & raquo ;:.

Three silhouette

In the style of women's down jackets featured three basic silhouettes: straight, X-shaped and « cocoon & raquo ;. Fashion model with a semicircular shoulders, big arms and neck. X-wayny silhouette perfectly with a V-neck and cut from below, it can be a short-cut or straight silhouette with a belt or a belt with a large buckle.


In winter 2015 the actual color is considered white, despite the fact that it is very impractical. But the white jacket once you turn into young Snegurchku. Also in the trend of khaki and black. Bright down jackets are also very fashionable. Stylish colors for all ages - shades of wine, burgundy, gray, blue.

Fashion print

At the height of fashion - light winter coat with a monochrome pattern, the classical cell, abstract and floral prints. Out of competition protection nRint style « Camouflage ».

Down jacket, trompe l'oeil

The main trend of winter - down jacket-snag. Externally - as a mere demi-season coat or light jacket. The style resembles the park (long warm jacket with a hood) or a duffle coat (are single wool coat with a hood and large oblong clasps). You can wear these models down jacket and early autumn to late spring. Most of these jackets sewn black and dark gray colors, and you can find a model of bright fruit colors.


The classic jackets of varying lengths still occupy a strong position in fashion catwalks. They are decorated with sewnand the elements that help to create the desired effect. However, the length does not fall below mid-calf. Diagonal stitch perfectly hides the extra weight. Fashionable firmware for several years in the form of small squares or diamond shapes makes the jacket not so bulky, and you - the size of the slimmer.


Under a light beige coat Chlo é not even ashamed to wear evening dress! No less elegant and rich black jackets by Kenzo and Junya Watanabe.


Sport "inflated" jackets are also considered relevant in 2015, warm and functional, they are perfect for sightseeing and trips in gOra. There can be different colors and length. Especially stylish in the autumn-winter 2015 supershort jacket. But they are not always practical. The optimal length - up to mid-thigh. A short model - the best option if you often go driving.


An interesting option - jacket, which first Kazhetsya fur jacket. Trendy detail - collar, pockets and cuffs on the sleeves of a long or curly fur (karakul, llama), which creates an interesting contrast of textures.


The combined model down jackets look very stylish and youth, beautiful and bright. One article can be created froma combination of different materials - wool and fabric, fur and leather.


Many designers this year, creating a new collection of winter clothing, unisex abandoned in favor of sportiness and femininity. This applies to the processing and style. Conducted different, and not very successful, experiments with silhouettes,materials and decorative elements. The new collections have unusual model with short sleeves, and two in one: a thin-looking jacket, and from beneath it looks even and feather vest. Many models using hidden fasteners straps and create the effect you're being called out and you rushed for a moment, casually wrapped in his coat.


One of the trends of the season, so you definitely will be in the spotlight. This model, with increased volume, reminiscent of a duvet draped over his shoulders; Coat the original geometric shape, jackets, ponchos. They are characterized by large parts of cut and increased neck, unusual decor, napExample, « sham » shuttlecocks.

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