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Restaurants in St. Petersburg is one of the most popular venues. They prepare very tasty food. Unfortunatelynd, not possible to choose any one of them all, because each are present at its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, today we know a little about how the data space associated with pleasant memories.

My story!

Today, briefly tell my story Nadine Abramova. Let's hear it's very interesting.
"Two years ago I predlazhil my boyfriend to marry him was at a restaurant in St. Petersburg", - says Nadezhda. It was a very nice and memorable. I will never forget how the staff of the institution good to us, and my husband helped a good operating call nredlozhenie marriage. The lights went out and we started playing romantic music. We also made a gift - brought a big cake! Thank you for this beautiful day. He will remain in my memory forever.

Do you also find it!)

On the eve of Valentine's Day, inviting all to visitfir trees plunge into the past and remember the story that happened to you in one of the restaurants, cafes and bars of the city - a funny, romantic, one that has led to some interesting events in your life, or even a bad story. I'm sure you are bound to have a story - perhaps it was this incident you constantly seeeyas recalls a group of friends or for a festive table. Perhaps you remember that story every time tenderly looking at a loved one close. Perhaps a reminder of the "adventure restaurant" was a valuable thing that you received as a gift, a ring on his finger, a romantic declaration of love or even a celebration of "Silverth 'wedding.

Unfortunately, in restaurants or cafes with us often occur not only pleasant and joyful thing. Therefore, even if your story is not associated with love or positive emotion, still share it. Everyone can share your impressions, comments and suggestions, and help to establish a link betweenthe consumer of a service and the company that provides it. If you want to compliment the friendly waitress in a cozy cafe, where you can always dine or alternatively, to complain to someone nesobrannost - this is not only just, but also necessary.

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