How to properly care for an aquarium and fish?

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aquarium with fish is a goodoption to create a beautiful interior, and not only. To make this design brings pleasure, it is necessary, first of all, to know how to care for it. Let's start … Under aquarium be sure to put the stand - it has to be perfectly flat. But you need to put the lid only when yougrow a fish that is prone to suicide and likes to jump out of the aquarium.

What are the covers for the aquarium is best to buy?

The worst case - the standard-cast plastic cover. They are only suitable for aquarium with plastic plants. To live, she doesnot suitable. Then it should definitely upgrade to add lighting.

Ideal aquarium does not cover, but just occasionally to refill it with water, which eventually evaporates slowly. In the room with an open aquarium to breathe easier. When this moisture in the room will not. It is possible only when the tank isseveral tons of water. It is best to have an aquarium with live plants. Low-growing should be planted in the front, then - the average height, and rear - are high. Some fish need to plant more, because they are hiding there. Some plants even in the spawn. Algae grow well only in the marine aquarium.

How to recognize a sick fish?

Patients fish deflates the stomach, the body appear white dots, that is, the fins or tail. If you notice a fish in his aquarium, it is better to move to a separate vessel and treat. At the bottom of the aquarium can put clean sand, for example, from karEPA. River for such purposes is not appropriate, because it can be harmful microorganisms. We do not advise to put on the bottom of a variety of seashells and pebbles, they may injure fish. If put them, then they should be smooth. It must be conducted by a special rubber tube. To do this, you need to lower it into the water and draw the air, and then led her non the bottom, collecting all the dirt.

The water temperature is usually measured in the aquarium?

Special tachometer is designed to measure the temperature in the tank. This is particularly necessary in winter, to control the water temperature. After all, the fish may die from the cold. Equip « house » Fish need all at once - to fill the soil to plant the plants, connect the lamp. After a week or two it is already possible to run fish.

Before you start a new fish tank, you need to wash it with salt water and hold it in such a solution for several days. Firstly, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the aquarium.Moreover, since it and disinfected. After all, the production of aquariums can be used adhesives and other substances that can be harmful to future tenants.

The best way to feed your fish?

Fish can be fed live food. Some predatory fish can be even fed chicken yland other meats. There are special feeders, and there poured worms. Each fish swims back and take your own food. Better not zakarmlivat them, because there are some species that will eat until they are really bad.

So you can throw a pinch, and observe the behavior of fish. After eating once they depart, and then eat even if the remainingtsya. So when they first completed the meal, you can not give them more. From the first time it is easy to calculate how much they need to feed. If you feed your fish well fed, it will not eat up the plants.

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