On the choice of optical sights


The choice of optical sight depends on the type of weapon. For the assault rifles are most commonly used variable-magnification scopes 1 (1.5) - 5x or without an increase (collimator and mirror).

This is due to the need to have a wide field of view with the use of weapons at close range. Which does not increase, it is designed for use with both Rev.ytymi eyes and does not limit the field of view, whereas, for example, one of the best tactical scopes 1,5-5h20 4 mm restricts the field of view at a distance of 100 meters to 22 meters in 1.5x magnification and 8 meters - at 5x magnification. < / p>

G36 dual optical sight

Sometimes a single sight setover a prolonged tactical eye, or near, the 45 & deg ;. For example, the German assault rifle G36 series is equipped with an optical sight with an increase of 3, zeroed at 200 meters, and set him over the collimator. The collimator has a built-in ambient light level sensor, and it varies depending on the brightness of the sightingbrand.

Mounts for two sights Warne

Another option - the use of sight with increasing attachment. Prefix 3.5x their sights offers an American firm Eotech. The prefix is ??a fixture that allows you to quickly push it away when fired at close range.It is also possible to use a combination of open sight - quick-collimator. Open sights - for large distances, Collimator - melee.

The sight should be chosen such that the diameter of the exit pupil, ie the diameter of the front lens, divided by the increase, was not less than 6-7 millimeters, the It has a diameter equal to the IslandsSheha fully disclosed throat. This gives you an advantage over the sight open sight and a single optical with limited lighting and / or low-contrast target.

By collecting light front lens image in sight with a large output eye looks brighter than the naked eye. This enables the recognizeramb aim and shoot precisely when through the open sight or single is simply nothing to be seen. Sights for sniper rifles tend to have a greater increase. Thus, the upper limit of the increase of sights, the most used by the US Army, is in the range of 10x - 14x.

It should be noted that the scope of variable Zoomeniya with a lower limit of 3-4 gives an advantage when shooting in self-defense at a short distance by a wide field of view. Also at lower magnification increases the diameter of the exit pupil.

The multiplicity of sight does not have to be excessive, because the more the multiplicity, the narrower the field of view . For non-Magnym sniper rifles multiplicity of sights usually no more than 10X, the typical diameter of the lens - 40 mm. Therefore, the scope of constant multiplicity 10x40 and variable, for example, 3,5-10h40 fit. When you select a sight should be considered the maximum energy of the holder on which it is calculated.

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