Thinking about the choice of hours: Watches Casio G-Shock.


The Japanese company Casio has long established itself as one of the leaders in the production of electronic watches of all styles, especially sports, and travel. In particular, a series of G-Shock - these specially skonstruirovannye body and mechanisms without problems are resistant to aggressive conditions: shock, drop, vibration, water. Among the models in this series have as plastic, so metal clock. With the metal shell can be made of modern materials (such as titanium) and a stainless steel. By the way, with a titanium bracelet and the case of titaniumweigh only slightly more than the plastic counterparts. Casio G-Shock - consider not just a brand, a true symbol of reliability and quality.
For many fans of ownership to certain hours - this is a very important goal. There is an unwritten rule - fine watches should be a lot. For example,   forums where fans talking hours, etc.od New Year discuss topics on like: "How many hours each of them acquired this year".
When I first came to these forums and asked about the model that I was interested in, I was told by several people "worthy Model ! For the first time G-Shock is great! ". At first I did not understand why "for the first," I'm not goingchange them every week. But I knew nothing about the culture of fans watch Casio.

You need to have:

  • Watch a neat suit;
  • indestructible watches for active recreation;
  • 1 or 2 hours per day for Brokerssednevnogo wear.

You can also buy for their native G-Shock, in addition there is a special series of Baby-G, in which the power of the model G-Shock top is covered with small neat shape - just for teens or women. Despite the strangeness of this behavior, these people are quite adequate. Toforum, even for beginners, very helpful. Explain, talk, talk. Just so much happy hours Casio, why pay them in return - :) And, as it seemed to me, is for what. I have not seen the negative reviews about the products of the company Casio. What could be better devoted consumers?

Mechanical or electronic?

This issue does not stand. Of course mechanics are cool, but the accuracy and durability in household arrangements - has long been an advantage electronics.

Arrows or digital form?

I've always loved just numbers. They themselves are changing, there is something flashes... Always   see exact time ... But I caught myself on the fact that the digital time, it is still in my mind, I translate in the "arrow" - :) For example on the clock "10:43". It means "almost fifteen." Or "12:27" - it's just half past. That is almost always displays digital time were limited, I have to appropriate segments of small time. As the daysweek rigidly attached to the pages of the school diary and time associated with the position of the clock hands. Time, for me, is divided into shooting ranges sexagesimal system, which we have inherited more from the Sumerians. A full hour, half hour, fifteen minutes, five minutes. "See 25 Minutes" segment represent the minute hand. LunchFirst break - a full turn. Before dinner, after dinner - it's 180 degrees clockwise. And though the last 14 years I have had only a digital display - still employed small system for understanding the lengths of time.

The bracelet or strap, plastic or cloth?

It is clear that the variant with a metal strap ontpadaet because it is too heavy. Unless, of course, no titanium. But titanium bracelet will greatly facilitate and purse. By the way there are interesting models with combined bracelet, where the metal part of the bracelet filled between a rubber inserts. The strap is plastic (special resin), rubber (rubber), fabric (nylonet al.). At first glance, nylon straps are more practical: it is easier, more plastic, more durable (plus everything that they do not just attached to the clock, and your hand wrapped ring).

But the people in the know, on the basis of practice, says the following:

  • The strap is made of fabric absorbs moisture and although he aboutso it does not spoil - water retention on the wrist and clothing;
  • Nylon straps are too strong. Imagine falling off the bike hooked on the branch - and hang on it;
  • Rubber and plastic flexible enough, but over time may crack.

In general, what hours you choose to decide personally, I can only say that no matter which model you choose Casio watches - in any case, you get high-quality and fashionable" exhibit ".

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