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Policies campsites

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In recent years, has become quite popular otdyx camping. Many already know the permanent places where you can go to relax. Go on vacation, as his car and other means of transport. Currently quite popular towns and villages of the Crimea. Some come here and on, so you can spend your time not only at sea, but also to go to Interesnym peninsula attractions, of which there are many.

In order to choose camping, if you go on this kind of holiday, you must select it. This can be done on individual sites with similar information, for example, on the website.

Features campgrounds

It is necessary to know hall campgrounds are divided into several classes 1-5 stars. Depending on this, you can count on appropriate accommodation and services provided. And the cost will vary from camping with different numbers of stars. For example, if you go camping in the cozy, here is your tent firmly sosedstvovafive other tents, but camping with a large number of stars can apportion all places. You will relax in a strictly reserved for you zone, and the neighbors will be protected, which can deliver some trouble and make your stay uncomfortable.

In addition to camping increased comfort can be:

  • Sport areas;
  • Cafes;
  • Pool;
  • Children's entertainment towns.

And many other forms of entertainment, the number of which is growing every year. But you must remember tnd that the work in the administration of the camp often happens at night. Therefore, it is necessary to have time before nightfall arrange accommodation.

Not rare on campsites set up special offices, the cost of which is included in the fare. It is not only toilets and showers, but also, for example, laundry.

What to bring

First of all, you need to take a tent. If you decide to go in the fall or late summer, you can save money on buying a tent, as in this period   prices fall slightly. Tent desirable to buy quality, if you decide to go all the time. Cheapest option may suitand for a single holiday. We recommend that you buy a tent height of more than 175 centimeters « anteroom & raquo ;. Because of this you can not just sit in the shade, but also shelter from the rain, protection against insects in the evening, where the sea is quite a lot.

Depending on the number of people traveling nand the rest, you should choose a model and tents. If you choose to relax with the kids, the tent, we recommend that you purchase divided into sleeping compartment.

Set up a tent in a shaded area is necessary, to the interior of the day does not get warm. However, under the   trees to pitch a tent is not recommended, otherwise note resin can drip. You can recommend you purchase a separate special sail that will create a shadow zone where you will be able to set up a tent and.


It is equally important task in the administration of the resort to camping – selection of bedding. Depends on their qualitythe comfort of your holiday. In large stores that specialize in selling tourism products can be found corresponding sets. This synthetic bedding, and air mattresses with pillows and much more. &Nbsp; You can also recommend to look and sleeping bags. Modern model perfectly erased, rankinglittle space and are quite hygienic, so that their use would be acceptable. Also the price for sleeping bags readily available for everyone. You can also take a thin blanket to hide in cool weather.

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