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If in the village, one or two high-rise buildings, then Heffelesoobrazno throughout the water system of the village to maintain the high pressure needed for these high-rise buildings. It is much more efficient for these homes to use pumping stations pumping, which are connected to the water system and lift (pump up) the pressure to a level sufficient for the normal supply of these buildingss, or even individual neighborhoods.

What is the capacity of the pumping station?

As a rule, pump station has two pumps of equal power, but sometimes the power of the pump can be different. Same capacity pumps are selected so that one pump is used as the primary, and the second as standby. All ares better to have pumps of different capacities, allowing a more effective response to the daily changes in water consumption, but you must have some kind of an automatic device by means of which will be included one or the other pump.

We all know that the pumping station pumping work fulltimeinternally and with the change of consumption (water consumption), and pressure changes, as pump performance is not regulated. In this regard, the clock « peak » on the upper floors may not be water, but in the absence of flow pressure is too high, so it is advisable to pump pumping stationsuse frequency control pump speed and, consequently, its performance.

frequency regulation pumping unit more efficient, but why frequent conventional pumping stations pumping without regulation?

The fact that pump station, both cold and hot watermost cases are set in warm areas. So how warm items are subject to heating systems and pumping stations swap subject to water utilities, there is a conflict of interest - namely, the heating system is not interested in saving electricity in the pump stations swap because for the consumedthey do not pay the electricity and water utility. But common sense prevails and heat set points still saving station swap with variable speed drive.

By and large pumping stations pumping no different from the pumping VNS stations, however they additionally komplektuyutsya minimum pressure switch, which is installed at the entrance to the station swap. Minimum pressure switch is necessary to ensure that in cases of low pressure at the inlet pumping station pumping been pumped sediment from the water supply system, which is peeled from the walls of the water supply system at the pumping station in this mode.

Maybe this is not the topic, but one station swap after the emergency repair all pumps have started a « roar & raquo ;, and inlet warmed up so that the water is just a boil. We began to look for the cause, remembered everything, and came to a perpetual motion machine (heat generator Potapov) and almost hitexactly. It was found that the repair of reverse two phases of the input network, bringing all the pumps began to rotate in the opposite direction, and then cavitation, as here - that you and the heat generator.

Why use membrane tanks?

Sometimes automation Nasowaist pumping stations are trying to use membrane tanks (accumulators). Do not do it, but trouble will not get anything. If the membrane tanks operate satisfactorily in the individual water supply, then a pump pumping stations can not be said, because the upperWater levels will continue to « disappear & raquo ;. This solution tried to use many times, but each time received an unsatisfactory result and refused him.

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