How to behave in a restaurant?

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Check out the etiquette of behavior . Before going to a restaurant, you need to familiarize yourself with the etiquette of behavior in it.When a visitor comes to a restaurant maitre d '(administrator) meets him and brings to book a table. From this point you need to apply the rules of how to behave in a restaurant. It is necessary to follow exactly the administrator. It is considered improper to consider the environment, other visitors and tables.

If restohealing comes a couple, you need to move the chair man his companion, and only then take its place. According to the rules of etiquette, he should sit a girl or vice versa, or left. Of course, at the restaurant a large company, this order may be disturbed.

What to Wear to a restaurant?

In spite of that not violated the rules of how to dress in the restaurant. Visitors to this institution become a focus of attention for many people. For this reason, you should put on a strict classical suit or something presentable. All clothes and shoes must be clean and presentable.

The meeting with a business partner

If a young person comes before a guest companion, you should warn her about the arrival of the head waiter. When a visitor correctly identified, how to choose the restaurant, the staff polite lady holds a guest at the table. It is expected for men to stand up and help her to sit down. If the meeting Mr.aznachena business partner, the first who came to the restaurant also gets up from his seat and welcomed for the fact that he came.

Call the waiter

Once the invitees take their seats, the waiter brings the menu. Starting instructions how to eat in a restaurant is a mustchoice of dishes on the menu. We must hurry and called the waiter. Usually staff independently coming to the table. Some restaurants are set calls that you need to press the waiter came over.

Who should open a drink?

Visitors are not made independentlyof open drinks. It is important to know and how to use the devices in the restaurant. About that, what the hand holding a knife and a fork to know everything. But if the device is dropped, it can not be lifted from the floor. Put ask the waiter to bring another.

Unexpected situations

Often confusion occurbut the situation: a visitor broke dishes, accidentally broke, some decorative element on the table, and so on. n. The restaurant staff provided their actions in this case. They just include the cost of lost dishes out, the visitor will receive at the end of the evening. Restaurant - it is not just a restaurant where you can enjoy a tasty dinner, but also a place that require specialof etiquette and appearance. Adhere to etiquette in a restaurant is very important. Remember that training a civilized man must come from the very childhood. Be an example to follow.

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