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These facts can not be explained in terms of science. Or maybe, i do not do that? After all, it was goingIt is about the miracles that happen to religious shrines. For example, Catholics "Cry" figurine of the Virgin Mary, the Orthodox - icons .

Miracles icons can occur even when the above them is still working artist. Painters say that is extremely difficult given the image of Christ. Moreover,In this case, do not act in any way the laws of the figure. For some mysterious reasons of his image can not just go out - not the person, not the eyes. Some artists, when writing the eyes of the saints, even hold their breath.

Let's find out some interesting facts ..

Spring 92 th. By the Presentation Monastery DAILYscientists have come about. Do not pray - to study the miracle. At least, that this phenomenon is called the monks. It all started with the fact that the glass, which is stored under the icon of the Virgin "Support to the Humble" slightly dimmed. It turned out that on the reverse side of glass reflected image of how the icons .

Alexander, who was chief of the chemical laboratory, then had little faith in miracles. He had his own theory about the appearance of a print.

Alexander, a chemist, studied the imprint of icons "Support to the Humble":

- Glass put the icon when it is still wet. It is my opinionIt was. And due to the wet image difuziy. There is the evaporation of the paint on the glass itself kondenirovalos
The icon painter Sergei too aware of the paint, which wrote the ancient icons . Here on these woodblocks holy image painted many years ago. He does not share the view that the wonders andKonami may be due to some kind of chemical reaction.

The icon painter:

- They write in different colors. That ancient icons to paint on the water, and there is absolutely nothing can not be allocated. There's all natural materials: water, chalk, waxing.

After a while, ukonopisets might not even know his creation, says Sergei. After all, the icon of entering the temple or the house lives his life.

Imprint icons Virgin scientists studied mainly in the monastery. Monks banned bear image. But a piece of material from which the imprint was formed on the glassChemist Alexander still brought to the laboratory. That's when all the previous versions razed to the ground. For the first time in the interview, he tells what is not recognized in formal meetings.

Chemist Alexandrovich now also consider this a miracle icon. So mark looks today. Every year it becomesI clearer. Believers are allowed to have the image of jewelery - a sign of gratitude for the miracle that they asked icons . What emerged was the imprint of a 92-year - not by accident, says the father of Abner.

And with these images in Feodosievskom monastery was actually a miracle for abottom night napererodni Trinity. Approximately earlier looked old icon in the church - so dark that it was impossible to make out facial features. Then, the image was restored.

Father Hilarion, abbot of the monastery Feodosievskogo:

- In the church a lot of icons on the level of human growth. Of course, we saw that the icons are not like before. Many of them are or were quite light, or a little lighter. For us, monks, is not a big miracle. Sometimes, there are icons or update the sign of good news, or any danger.

Abbot Hilarion's father suggests that icons resumed due to the fact that in the church again began to pass all the ministry. Indeed, in Soviet times, the monastery has not acted.

Sometimes, such that icons are starting to bleed. The priests interpreted this as a warning sign. A few years ago we brought the image of Christ, covered with blood. PnHouse lay white scarf because of him all the time dripping blood. The faithful came to the icon for healing, not knowing that the image that bleeds, has no medicinal properties, the priests say.

Father Hilarion, abbot of the monastery Feodosievskogo:

- bleed icons - it is usually a warning about any ofCouncil. Or admonition to a particular person, that people are doing something wrong.

A miracle can happen not only in the church, but even in your home. Streaming myrrh icons and such - this is a common lithography. But if this happens, this is not an accident.

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