What should consist of coursework?


Essay or term paper must contain the basicsnye structural elements in the following sequence:

  • Title page;
  • Content;
  • Introduction;
  • Sections of the main part;
  • The conclusions;
  • List of references;
  • Applications.

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The section titles must disclose the subject matter that will be explored in this regard. Possible titles of sections: theoretical aspects of the study ..., historical aspects of research ... methodological basis ..., nraksiologicheskogo BASES ... OPTIMIZATION WORK ... etc. Each paragraph should cover a particular aspect of the theme, and all the items and details work as a whole. The plan may be simple (each item consists of a single sentence) and complicated when each itemis divided into several sub-items, small in size, which explains in detail the features of the chosen theme.

In the introduction course work , which begins with a single page are summarized:

  • The evaluation of the current state of the problem;
  • The purpose of work ;
  • Tasks work .

The entry includes 1-2 sheets of printed text.

In the introduction course work that begin with a single page are summarized:

  • Akactuality of the work ;
  • The problem situation;
  • The object and subject of research;
  • The purpose of work ;
  • Tasks work ;
  • The hypotheses;
  • The structure work .

The number of jobs must be equal to the number of units in research and contain the following items:

  • Updates of the main concept of the project;
  • The study of the history of views on the problem or the main approaches;
  • certain principlesin methods and basic concepts of the research;
  • Identify the genesis, essence and content of the phenomena studied;
  • Structural and functional analysis of the phenomenon, the problems studied;
  • Typology of the phenomenon or the criterion of maturity;
  • An analysis of the state of affairs, the phenomenon in practice;
  • Recommendations for optimization studiedemogo phenomenon.

The amount of administration is 2 pages.

Summary basically consists of paragraphs and subparagraphs and contains expanded content. But each item work must have its short conclusions that summarize the findings obtainedthe author in the development of all these issues.

In the course work, usually isolated section 2-3 with multiple units. If the course work consists of two parts, the last unit should be devoted to the study of the praxeological and recommendations to optimize the phenomenon that is studied. Each sectionate and division must end results or conclusions.

In the sections you need:

  • Define or clarify the basic concepts of the research;
  • Review the history of the research problem or describe the scientific approaches covering this perspective;
  • To analyze the methods of research that canbe applied to the study of theoretical and praxeological problems (required for the course work );
  • Describe categorical apparatus of research;
  • Expand the essence and the possible solutions to the problem;
  • Perform praxeological research problems (Mandatoryflax for the course work );
  • Develop recommendations on the application of the results of the theoretical and praxeological research;
  • Each section ends with the conclusions of the material contained in it.

The findings, which complete each section, but in a morethorough interpretation is the basis of the final part of work .

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