How to choose a sofa for the living room?

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Living has a few unchanging attributes, one of which is undoubtedly the sofa. If you want to increase the spacein your living room, then you can opt out of various items of furniture: the huge, chairs, cabinets, wall cumbersome, but the couch is the center of the recreation area and living without it is simply incomplete. Therefore, the sofa should be complementary to the design of the room, convenient to use and, of course, fit your lifestyle.What are the types of sofas?


This is a sofa with a pull-out and pull-out the united mechanisms. Thus, the seating should be pulling forward until the back is not decomposed in a flat surface with 3 flat mattresses. With a width of 160-180 cm, this sofa without a special tore is placed even in the smallest room, so it competes with the "sofa books.


In this mechanism, an extra bed is hidden under the seat section, which, in turn, pushed forward if necessary. To lock the sliding block in the upper position,You will only need to pull the special strap. However, the compound is a weak point of the mechanism, so even though the ease of decomposition, such a construction is not suitable for daily assembly / disassembly (even with a good frame). But to use it as a "guest" you can without any problems.


In order to expand the sofa with the mechanism, it is necessary to pull the section of the seat forward, freeing up space for a folding backrest. Both mechanisms (" book "and" Evrokniga ") is very easy to use and are the most popular sofas for living situation (they are equally good both for sleeping and for everydayuse). But they have a weak spot: after 4 - 5 years of service in the area of ??the seat appear bumps and holes. That is why choosing the design of the sofa with special attention to the availability of supporting material for mattresses, hardness and composition of filler.


Very etc.ostoy mechanism lowering the couch and turns it into a double bed. This system appeared one of the first and to this day it is considered the most reliable (it can withstand up to 40,000 folding). These sofas are also convenient because they are equipped with a spacious alcove under the seat where you can store bedding. Today, MNogie manufacturers equip "sofas-books mechanism Clic-Clac.


Depending on the mechanism of transformation (Sedaflex, Cosmolat, Mirotoile, Somtoile, Mixotoile, et al.), the popular "guest" model has a couple of variations. The main parameter to which you want to navigate by selecting the system IS THE maximum load. The essence of this mechanism: folding seat hides under a second part of the bed with two sections, equipped with sophisticated supports, legs or supporting frames. This model holds the record for the shortcomings: the transformation mechanism is fragile, there is no compartment for clothes, quite complexth in the application, it is not recommended for everyday use. But, thanks to a comfortable and wide seat, and a representative appearance, sofas of this type are in demand as a couch for the living room.


sofa that forms an angle, for example, is a popular option for the vastfamily, as even assembled in such a comfortable sofa can accommodate 3 - 5 people. But, immediately, if necessary, the soft corner can turn into a comfortable double. Often, it unfolds on a "sofa dolphin.

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