How to choose to install hung WC


Are you tired of the old bulky toilets? You ecbe a desire to bring some innovation in the interior of your bathroom? Then, be sure to pay attention suspension systems (installation). This design is compact, features original layout and design. Most popular now. Installation of suspension system solves several problems or gaps in design, ergonomics placingI bathrooms. This is a purely aesthetic component, such as the ability to save one-piece tile pattern on the floor and not to close part of his toilet, and functional - the maximum release of space, much easier cleaning.

The frame, which made installation of plumbing fixtures (toilets, bide, urinals, cisterns), is designed in such a way that as soon as possible and at no additional cost to install and assembly, hide all the "unsightly elements" (sewer and water pipes and nodes connecting). The complete system includes: a metal frame structure (which, in fact, carried out the installation of all componentscent) and the elements of supply lines (water, sewage). This design saves space, occupied by sanitary devices, in addition, in contrast to the stationary kits, installation can be carried out at the right distance and not be tied to the size of the system.

For right choice of installation must be taken intointo account the following criteria:

  • Fitting frame;
  • attachment method;
  • Compatibility with the desired model plumbing;
  • appearance and packaging.

Suspension Consstruction permits in the shortest time to create a "bathroom of your dreams", are integrated hygiene and practicality.

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