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Advertising - is the engine of progress of any production. Without it not possible promotionproduct or service to the consumer market and the development of production in general. On how effective will be the tools of advertising, depends on how effective functioning of all departments of the enterprise or collective. There are many ways and methods of advertising campaigns, which is used as a key instrumentov psychological and physiological human capacity for understanding and memorizing information. Biologically a man has several receptor systems responsible for the collection and evaluation of information from the environment, but the vast majority of all the information we receive through vision. It is in this capacity and is based bulk advertisementshome products, a type of which is a promotional video. Creating quality video advertising business is not really easy to do, as if it did not seem at first glance. Movie - is, in fact, a feature film in miniature, so all the stages and requirements for the creation of a full-fledged film are identical in the case ofroller. Incidentally offers professional video you can. In any case, the process of creating an advertising video must include the following steps:

  • training . Includes procedures such as scenario development, selection acting group, the choice of props;
  • filming video . The formation of the complex working of video;
  • Post Production . Assembling, editing footage, placement and rotation of it in the media. For high quality of this task requires well-coordinated team of specialists (directors, writers, cameramen, actors, makeup artists and other).

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