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The creation of any product or service in the world - is a complex process that is not limited EXCLUSIVEno process of creation. Create a product is small, it is important to be known potential buyer, and above all wanted to buy it. All these functions are united marketing. The objective of the personnel engaged in this field is to create a product that has an innovative, popular among potential consumers - brand building. The whole process of cosDenmark is called branding. The purpose of this activity is to create a quite specific and well-reasoned product image, which would, moreover, the object of communication between existing and potential new customers. More detail about branding read on: . Branding rather complex process totorye guaranteed involves the following steps:

  • Study of the existing market for unique product strengths and weaknesses of the competition;
  • taking up a niche product in the market - positioning. This step includes processes suchas a designation of goals, values ??of the product;
  • the creation of clearly identifiable at all levels of perception of the image of the product - the actual brand (name, logo, description, corporate identity);
  • development and implementation of advertising ideas;
  • observation of behaviortion of branded products on the market, analysis of the effectiveness of interventions.

The creation of any brand should have a logical end to create a set of guidelines for all who are in any way engaged in the process of branding. This kit includes a brand book (philosophy of the brand) and guideline (rightVila using the brand).

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