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Some activities (trade, supply, producTVO) with the participation of a contractor or agent, made on the basis of competition. This is typical for large and business and government projects. That is, if, for example, some government agency wants to sell something, buy, make, it will be obliged (according to legislation) to declare open or close ityty contest to determine the contractor that will do the job more efficiently and at a lower cost. In any business environment, such contests are called tenders. Accordingly, the contract for the execution of the order is between the customer and the successful tenderer. Since the tender constant activity and the same artist Maugert win (perform) in tenders unlimited number of times, automatically entered such a thing as "the history of gender." It will help to establish and evaluate the reliability of ratings and performer. Accordingly, for the structuring of all information, there are so-called database of tenders. The largest and most reliable is the base Biko(). This system brings together thousands of tenders, history and ratings on them. It has intelligent search by various criteria and areas.

Using Bikotender has its advantages:

  • register in the system, create a new account with access to all information and updates;
  • an opportunity to assess all the characteristics of the participants of tenders (ratings, reliability, evaluation);
  • to take part or to declare the tender process the deal and all the necessary documents;
  • obtain all necessary advice and answers to your GPdew.

Take advantage Bikotender and all your transaction will be successful.

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