Varieties of mattresses


Mattress, translated from German, translated as "packed, some soft material bagsleep. "This view of the mattresses were in ancient times, in fact, as confirmed by research, the history of the creation and use of mattresses takes about 70-80 tisyach BC. Nowadays, the concept of a mattress is somewhat different, but purely in terms of technological and komplektatsionnom - As before, it is nothing than a soft cloth and fitted by NAPolnennoe, depending on the application, different spring-loaded elements, a bed for your bed.

By appointment mattresses and fillers can be identified in the following groups:

  • orthopedic. Probably the most common group of mattresses. Used primarily to reduce the load on the spineduring sleep. In turn, divided into two groups, depending on the design of the spring block (dependent or independent);
  • children. Similar to the previous type, except for size and increased demands for constructive and sustainable materials - for a healthy sleep for a child, the pledge of his health;
  • bedsore. Used in medicine to prevent a major problem in patients confined to a hospital bed or a bed - bed sores (tissue necrosis, due to the constant pressure on the surface and circulatory disorders);
  • gel. This differenceth group mattresses is that instead of the spring assembly excipient is a gel. This allows you to more evenly distribute the load from the body.

Dream - the most important part of a person's life, during which the regeneration forces. Healthy sleep - good health and that is why it is important to spatb. Will help you in this well-chosen mattress. A pomotret please visit:

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