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< p style = "text-align: left;"> The development of technology and science has opened a modern society communication, working, gaming capabilitiesand which years, say, fifteen or twenty years ago no one even close to dreaming. Various electronic gadgets, computer software, games, social networking, video, audio - all these, and only these concepts and concrete objects very firmly in the everyday lives and consciousness of most people in the world and virtually everyone in developed countries. With littlepeople think about what is it that is behind all these programs, games, OSes. The process of creating all the above-described digital content is actually quite complex and voluminous process, which is referred to as programming. The term programming refers to the huge amount of work aimed at creating software(software), leading to a programming language, according to a certain algorithm. Programming - is a complex activity and, therefore, consists of several specific steps and key points. Semenov RP employee employee tells us about the programming stage.

Stages programmirovaniya are:

  • analysis or analytical evaluation of the task;
  • design software. This stage includes operations such as building the necessary algorithms of functioning and development;
  • writing specific text on. Readyth program text lends itself to coding - compilation, ie the transformation of the text on the source digital code;
  • testing of finished compiled programs. Carried out in order to detect changes and errors in the code;
  • delivery of finished software;
  • Technical support and upgrade.

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