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Sometimes in life situations when a person is obliged to support another person (withelastic, parent, child) cash or other means of content. This practice exists in every country and in the legal field, namely the concept of alimony. Support in the form can be carried out on a voluntary basis or be assigned forced the courts. All forms of alimony content clearly defined on the lawm level, but at home most often speak alimony (maintenance) one parent (usually the father) minor child. Despite the legal modernity, the concept of alimony, in fact, is as old as civilization. The first such case recorded in ancient Greece, and they were connected just with Containstion parents of their illegitimate offspring. In modern society, with all its legal overtones, the concept of alimony is twofold. Firstly, this is purely a moral necessity and responsibility of parents to their child. Secondly, in the case of bad faith and moral inadequacy - it is also a tool is still aStimulates the performance of their duties to the family. In the case of legal resolution of this issue and the purpose of maintenance, you must perform the following basic legal conditions (factors):

  • the presence of family (related) communication between parent and child, staying on the content;
  • need to provide such assistance;
  • the lack of ability to work (in fact - a minority);
  • Having the opportunity to have a parent to provide such assistance;
  • formal agreement obliging to pay child support.

alimony possible by paying a sum of money (regular or lump sum) of movable or immovable property, integrated solution.

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