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Anime - is a form of modern art most (oractually) common in Japan. Generally, anime - a special kind of cartoon animation. As one of the cultural phenomena of Japan, anime has several unique features and differences in comparison with similar symptoms in other parts of the world:

  • First, it is the target audience. If all ofD, animation directed, for the most part, on the children's audience, the Japanese anime, on the contrary, created for adolescents and adults that, strictly speaking, it provides ratings;
  • Second, it is characteristic techniques and methods (manner) draw the characters' actions and bekgraunda. By suchm features, for example, include the large eyes (radically different from the normal physiological values ??and much more detailed as compared with the other parts of the body), hair structure (hairstyles can be totally varied, and not only in structure but also in color) wavy mouth and nose, and more;
  • Third, the television format in the form of television series or television movie;
  • Fourth, the source of the storyline. In this regard, the writers are inspired by the Japanese comics, youth illustrated novels, video games. As a rule, the similarities and graphic manner ekranizirovannogo character to the source is saved.

View anime on our website. The first samples of Anime appeared on the Japanese islands in the early decades of the last century to today's time significantly multiplied, creating a multi-genre cultural phenomenon. Among the major genres of anime release: code (partcal), Senen (adolescence boys), sh?jo (teenage girls), seinen (adult), hentay (erotic).

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