Ring with Onyx


Since ancient times, man has an affinity for all sorts of jewelry. Despite the diversity of species and phoRM variability of time and fashion, the most constant in this list has been and remains the ring. Modern jewelers create and provide to the public an unimaginable number of rings. They are distinguished by structural elements, styles, materials (gold, silver, platinum) and inlay. As a final widely used variety of dragRate stones. No one disputes the status of rings with diamonds, rubies, semi-precious stones. But there is among them a group of stones, which in its structure and pattern differs significantly from a homogeneous structure of the above monochromatic jewelry. Her color palette is unique and will never be repeated, drawing stones reminds stains on coffee with milkm or frosty pattern on window glass. These unique stones called onyx. By the way is very popurnym jewelry article. In ancient times believed that onyx gives a person strength, confidence, strengthens morale, brings good luck. Accordingly, it was considered that the prerogative of onyx, an inherent part of military leaders, strengthening theirleadership qualities. Besides onyx have medicinal properties based on energy waves, removing stress phenomena, strengthening the nerves, improving the operation of all systems of the body. Onyx is a variety of agate, respectively, has a spherical structure. Depending on the alternation of layers, there are four groups of Onyx: Arabic, carnelian, sarDon, chalcedony. This feature makes the perfect onyx jewelry material.

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