What you need to know about the housing market: new or secondary market

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Now you can buyhousing actually only in 2 places: in new and secondary market .. The main advantage of apartments in new buildings, no doubt, is its novelty. By the way
see you on the internet portal "from hand to hand." And the advantage of "second-hand" apartment is its price (we are talking about the apartments of the same category, which are atapproximately the same areas).

Buying a home in a new

Before you buy an apartment in the new house, you need to carefully examine the documents provided by the seller, that confirm its rights and powers.

The documents that give the right to build a house and transfer of rights after the pageoitelstvo be completed:

  • The contract of investment between the customer and co-investors;
  • The contract of investment between the customer and the municipality;
  • Document svidetilstvuyuschy to provide land for the construction of zhiloga home between construction company   and the customer.

Legal documents Seller:

  • Trust Deed under which real estate company sells apartments in new buildings;
  • Assignment Agreement equity in the building, right InvestAnia et al., under which the seller may assign 3rd parties. This contract must be registered in the municipality, namely the authority responsible for the construction.

Buying a home in the secondary market

To check the "legal purity" of property, purchased on the secondary ryProperty to separate it, you need to do the following:

  • examine documents in the apartment that you buy. Do not be afraid to ask questions of the apartment owner, if you were any suspicions or doubts, because you have every right to know absolutely all the information about the acquired apartment;
  • get a full extract from the house register (it can be done in the organization that runs the house). Get a statement, which will be listed all persons that ever lived in this apartment (it should be addressed, their new residence);
  • examine whether registered in the apartment: missing, Single retired people, people who are discharged from prison, minor children. (If there are minor children or pensioners living alone, then you need to make sure that they are registered at the new place of residence).

If you check all these details - you obezopActimel themselves from possible claims of "reintroduced" landlord. To check these items - you need to in this process directly involved the real owner of the apartment. If the owner refuses to participate in the verification process "legal purity" of the apartment, you had better unsubscribe from its acquisition.

Soalso you should know that you can charge test "legal purity" of the apartment professionals (the same realtors, they know all the "pitfalls").

A lot of people think: is it worth to buy an apartment in which the registered people?

The answer is simple - if the condition statement of these people are not specified in the priordialect of sale, then such an apartment not worth buying. So if the condition specified in the contract is not fulfilled, then the new owner of the apartment can go to court, that surely will towards him. And then the bailiffs fulfill the court's decision on discharge, previously living residents.

And when the apartment prescribed   withbstvenniki or minor tenants, then on the purchase of this apartment you better get consent rayorgana custody and guardianship.

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