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Group EGGER is one of the leading companies in the production of quality marials of wood in Europe. Today, the company comprises 16 enterprises, which employ more than 5,000 employees. Professionalism and workmanship materials guaranteed by the Austrian approach to production.
High quality laminate EGGER and all its advantages were on rightshave evaluated the use of the famous Austrian brand in Dubai (UAE). Laminate flooring has been used for laying in stores Duty Free, where necessary reliable quality for large and long loads, as well as high durability and moisture resistance. That is why the airport serves more than 50 million people a year have chosen a reliable avstriyskogo partner in the company EGGER .
Using the latest innovative technologies and materials allows the laminate EGGER have the form and quality of wood. The unique development of leading engineers for special treatment Drewesare. Allows you to create a special, nothing on a similar structure of wood that perfectly accentuate any of your creative design ideas.

Manufacturing laminate EGGER

In the production of laminate EGGER used pazlichnye ways of processing wood. Based on the method of processing, you can choose a laminate with elaborate structure and topography of wood (technology Brilliant), a coating that looks completely natural (Rustic). If you need the same imitation of wood – features a method of treating Oiled (oily), thanks to thosenology Woodline may emphasize ornamental wood structure and technology Velvet Matt give effect matte surface. EGGER – is a large selection of floor coverings with a textured surface of the highest quality. EGGER – is the use ofthe latest technological developments, due to which it is possible to achieve unprecedented durability of laminate. A reliability and simplicity of the company is ensured by a new, reliable tool joint proprietary « PRO Click & raquo ;. With this technology, laying laminate EGGER is carried out, not even an expert in optimally short time and you can start using your new floor immediately after the placement, which can significantly save finances.

The advantages of laminate EGGER

Main advantagesand laminate EGGER is the presence of a strong and abrasion resistant upper protective layer.
provides additional sound and heat insulation, natural feel and perception of nature at his feet. High-quality laminate EGGER l standyubye daily load and remain the same for new and shiny even after years.
When choosing a laminate EGGER will delight you and your loved ones excellent quality, original decor and unique feelings.
Low price laminate EGGER is achieved blagodarya large volumes of sales of the laminate. It was a big turnover to minimize the cost side and create the best conditions for you. It is taking care of the final buyer is a key objective of the company EGGER . Reusable verification laminate slats before the sale and in the process of production, etc.Allows you to minimize the cost of culling product and create the best conditions for you.
EGGER – this is the ideal ratio form factor « price-quality & raquo ;! Only positive feedback can be heard on the laminate EGGER , rather than high qene allows the use of a laminate EGGER anywhere and under any conditions.

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