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If with a choice of outdoor pokrytiya for a particular room in the house or apartment, as a rule, no problems there (all the more so in vogue again include carpets, rugs and mats that can easily hide any flaws the floor and protect it from excessive and rapid wear) , the situation is different in the case of the office.


The thing is that the office space by definition is specific, and its intended use, and load, daily attributable to the floor. Office – it's not just « box » from the walls, ceiling and floor with set of necessary furniture and equipment. Office – it « face » company, a reflection of its PrestI?a, objectives, corporate culture and taste of its owner. That is why the entire interior and floor covering in particular as the basic background of the interior should have a fitting form to be attractive, but restrained, moderately comfortable, but adjusts to the working mood, underlining business style. In addition to flooring for RPisnyh premises increased requirements in terms of durability, wear resistance, hygiene, ease of care, as well as opportunities for rapid local repairs, if necessary, without having to replace the entire coating. Meets all the conditions put forward by modern commercial laminate, namely laminatingTHIS flooring with enhanced features designed for laying in rooms with high load (high permeability, the impact of the soles of the ordinary, not slippers, pollution intensity, pressure abundance of office furniture and equipment, etc.).

Laminate office

For usedNotices in offices and shops, including the shopping and entertainment facilities and centers designed especially durable laminate with reinforced protective coating and, in addition, have plenty of elevated moisture resistant properties and water-repellent characteristics. necessary for the installation parameters in the office today is not a problem – simply should thoroughlytive estimate the intensity of loads and pay attention to the icons on the packaging laminate manufacturer.

Laminate 31 th grade

The minimum strength class commercial laminate   - 31. Such a laminate is the most inexpensive of commercial options, however, is well suited for areas with a hedgehogednevnoy attendance up to 10 people (not including staff). In this case, the manufacturer guarantees from 2 to 5 years.

Laminate 32 th grade

Class 32 will last 4-5 years in the offices of the intensity of attendance up to 20 people and a higher static loads, as well as the movement of employees.

Laminate 33rd class

Laminate 33 class is required for business premises, which is visited daily by more than 30 people. The service life of this laminate in such conditions is calculated on the taphole 5.

Laminate 34th Class

For more serious and intensive loads substantiallyis the most expensive, but the most reliable laminate class 34. It is successfully used in nightclubs, conference rooms, swimming pools, sports clubs and sports field.

Waterproof laminate

In addition, when choosing and buying laminate experts advise necessarily take into account what floor will be laying out datath floor. So for the first and second floor is better to prefer water-resistant laminate. Such a measure will help to prevent damage to the flooring due to the abundance of moisture and dirt will inevitably be recorded in the increased amounts from the street to the floor, especially in autumn and winter.
For higher floors suitable water-resistant laminirovaGoes coating or conventional laminate, but treated with a special hot wax edges.
Please note these simple tips, and you will forget about the negative reviews, the absolute majority was originally caused by the wrong choice of laminate, and to a lesser extent – violation of stacking technology.

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