Thresholds and sills for laminate and wood flooring

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the junction at the interface of flooring from one room to another andzbezhat almost impossible. Is that connect the boards with the same parameters and locking systems into a single plane. Theoretically it is possible, if the total area of ??coverage will not be too large. Otherwise possible distortions and violation of stability sex. The easiest way to achieve smoothness of transitions between different rooms usingspecial connecting elements, which are called thresholds, or nut.

Decorative items for laminate and wood flooring

If you have already buy laminate or floorboard, but did not think about the additional decorative elements, we advise to do their acquisition. Modernnnye shops selling materials for finishing the floor, offer a wide range of thresholds of different shapes and different materials. All of them are used for interior decoration connections and steps of the staircase. Thresholds serve as a reliable protection of joints between boards of flooring from dirt and moisture. They also protect the edgesflooring boards from damage and abrasion. Additional function thresholds - conceal minor irregularities during splicing of two planes sex. There are thresholds for floor leveling of different height and angle used to connect perpendicular to the surface.


for a roguepared thresholds used a variety of materials, from wood and metal to plastic and rubber.   The length of the nut can reach from 1 to 4 meters and a width ranging from 10 to 60 millimeters. Fastening thresholds is performed by two methods. Open pit threshold is mounted using screws. In this case, the cap screws are nand mean that impairs the aesthetic appearance of the floor. Better use sills with concealed fastening, adhesive or samples of these decorative elements.

Wooden sills

Wooden sills fit harmoniously into the interior with floor covering, having the form of the wood structure. The only disadvantageThey deliver - they must from time to time to restore:   sanding and apply a new coat of varnish.

The thresholds and sills of metal

metal is much lower than wood. They are more durable than earned great popularity among customers. These thresholds are often made of steel and brass. Hon the more common aluminum that turn into gold and silver by anodizing surface. Such thresholds, chosen to match the metal door fittings, profitable decorate the interior. Aluminum can also be decorated with a wood structure.
Plastic sills have a very low price, but it affects their cf.Ther service. However, they are distinguished from other varieties that they are flexible and adopt a desired surface shape. The same quality is inherent cork thresholds, they are called compensatory strips of elasticity and cushioning quality. Their shape can be varied until a semicircular or zigzag.

AntiMoving thresholds

There are anti-slip thresholds very useful for installation on stairs. They are made of pure rubber or aluminum profile, including rubber insert. Rubber thresholds or are attached to the base using dowels, or glued. &Nbsp;

MDF sills

MDF sills only used when laying laminate. In color and texture are fully replicate the form laminated cover. Despite the low price, they are not very popular because of the large exposure to the influence of humidity and low abrasion resistance.

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