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Fashion trends leave their mark not only on our clothes, the principle ofah diet and lifestyle, but also inevitably reflected in our interiors. Today more than ever in fashion naturalness, but at the same time, originality, prestige, status, harmony in any interior, high practicality, reliability, durability, comfort and great looks. It is in this floor coverings today are all diand experts designers around construction and repair business. That is why special attention to all international exhibitions focused on such material as wenge, which became a favorite and promises them to stay and for quite a long time.

Material wenge

Rich, deep colors (from chocolate and dark kofeynogof up to black, and to maroon and violet), and luxurious ascetic simultaneously having excellent strength properties and performance characteristics, African natural Wenge, however, refers to the most expensive wood species and therefore are not available to everyone. However, solid wood, parquet and etc.Even flooring wenge - fun is not cheap, unlike modern laminate, characterized by high strength and performance properties and high accuracy of their perfect appearance and texture of natural precious wood.

Laminate Wenge

wenge today does notdifferent prices for different versions of the corresponding class of laminate strength (in the case of wenge, given its status, prestige and natural reliability and durability, laminate flooring, imitating wood wenge belong to the class of not less than 32).

itself is a modern high-quality laminate flooring from a reliable and widelyknown manufacturer of coating is characterized by a high practicality and versatility. Laminate flooring is not as cranky as a coating made of natural wood, much more resistant to static and dynamic loads, as well as fluctuations in microclimatic parameters. This significantly expands the scope of its application. With laminate wenge with possiblezdaval unique, trendy, stylish, original, aristocratic, elegant interiors everywhere, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms, as well as public areas with high traffic (offices, shops, conference rooms, etc.). The cost of laminate and even when the decision to issue the flooring throughout the apartment in a singleconcept does not overstep the scope of even fairly modest budget.

Laminate flooring simulates natural wenge

Speaking of combinatorial laminate flooring imitating natural wenge, the rich dark chocolate color will blend perfectly with the warm light passtional range of walls, furniture, decor bright accents. This allows you to create harmonious interiors based flooring wenge color and pattern in almost any style - from classic to modern, avant-garde and high-tech. Appearance, origin, structure and properties of the laminate are a kind of bridge between the past and the futurem, eternal values, traditions, and those benefits and comfort that offers us the present and the achievements of science.

To meet the spirit of the times and to address all the needs of a modern society, from both an aesthetic and practical point of view, leading manufacturers builder and finishing materials, etc.leaving the market laminate, have in their collections laminated flooring wenge represented the widest range of shapes, colors, textures: Parador, Tarkett, Witex,

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