What is a documentary?

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If the answer to the question in your own wordsand it will turn out just the following definition: « movie , which shows the real events & raquo ;. Still it is possible to say that this non-feature movie . The first notion of « documentary » introduced in 1920 by John Grierson. According to him dokumPioneering movie – a creative approach to reality. And even before the Grierson documentary called movies that were based on survey material travel.

Of course, the documentary movie as a genre suschesexists a long time. As much as there is a cinema in general. Documentaries filmed on a variety of topics. At the beginning of the documentary movie as a genre starring important events in political, economic and social life of the state, covered international relations, Cultural events, achievements of science. And of course – lives of famous people. In his movie short stories the writers sometimes deep into the philosophy and reasoning.

Document movie

Document movie – is the transfer of the true facts, this survey of life itself, which is not to seem about the game movie . How would qualitatively events have been recreated in the game movie , they can not be considered reliable.  
In ourtime more frequently questioned the notion of « documentary & raquo ;. Particularly successful in this debate, some well-known figures movie . And doubts are based on the fact that many people, seeing the camera, begin to try on a role, trying to look better or popgrowth imitate someone. Of course not a trace remains, therefore, such a film can be called a documentary with a big stretch. Therefore, many believe that the documentary movie – it is only the material that was filmed on hidden camera. Shooting a hidden camera now in favor with earlyinayuschih directors. According to Lars von Trier, whose opinion is taken to listen to the movie circles, the task of the documentary – return the viewer to the authenticity and impartiality. The only way to keep the credibility of the documentary. The very existence of the dockumentalnogo movie as a genre is also questionable. According to some movie critics and experts in this field, it's just kind of stage movie . What a movie can be regarded as a documentary? The question remains open.

Training movie

There is another type of documentary movie – is movie training. Such filmy created specifically for education and are used in educational institutions of various types and stages. It has long been proved that there is nothing better in the learning process than visual aids. Thus, visual material, designed as a small video, much better perceived and remembered pupils compared with lectures, etc.ugimi oral forms of explanation. Documentary implements an important principle of clarity in teaching. The United States has long been used in education. Exactly as in Europe. In Russia, there is widespread use of educational and training films. Until recent times was mandatory screening propaganda movie . Yes, and worth a good documentary is quite expensive. The good news is that in recent years the educational movie reliably find its niche in television channels. The popularity of such shows is increasing day by day. Now it remains to think that in the coming years, the education sector Budet has an enviable vidiotekoy training documentary movie .

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