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Gasoline engines Audi A4 B5

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In connection with the availability avtokreditovation on the roads of the country appeared a great variety of brand new cars of different classes, including the vast majority of cars up the middle and economy class. Despite this, many motorists prefer used cars for the same money, but higher class. After all, the higher the class, the faster, more comfortable and safer automample. One of the premium car segment brands, is very popular in our country has such a wide variety of bodies, transmissions and engines, the first time to understand this muddle is very difficult. Talk   about.

Engines Audi A4 B5

At the moment, it wasreleased four model series of this model: B5 (1995-2001), B6 ??(2001-2005), B7 (2005-2008) and B8 (2008- NV.).

The petrol engine volume 1.8 liters

In the model range B5, as in all other models, the most highly respected and popular combination of gasoline enginesAtelier 1.8 turbo power from 150 to 180 hp, automatic transmission and permanent four-wheel drive corporate Quattro. Just installed atmospheric petrol engine of 1.6 liter capacity 101 hp to 2.8 liter capacity 193 hp The most powerful version remains the sports version RS4 in station wagon with petrol motorus 2.7 Biturbo capacity from 230 to 380 hp.

The petrol engine volume 1.6 liters

The petrol engine volume of 1.6 liter capacity 101 hp has a 4-cylinder, 8 valves and single-shaft system timing. Sufficiently reliable, but because of the low power and heavy weight coated bodyfuel consumption on a par with the more powerful 125 strong atmospheric engine volume of 1.8 liters. In addition, the dynamics of this engine is poor. Ideal for moving around at low speeds. Of the major faults can be identified problems with the ignition system.

1.8 Turbo Engine

1.8 Turbo engine has a 4 cylinder, 20 valve, double arbor system timing DOHC with variable valve timing and power system with distributed injection. Located lengthwise row. Due to the moderate volume and the presence of turbo combines low fuel consumption at a sufficiently high moschnosti. Very picky about the quality of the oil. The main breakdowns are failure of the turbine, in violation of the regulator valve timing   and leakage of the intake tract. On the whole, extremely reliable motor, the power of which can easily be increased to 200+ hp There is also a naturally aspirated version with 125 hp.

V-shaped 6-titsilindrovye engine volume 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 liter

V-shaped 6-titsilindrovye engines volume 2.4, 2.6 and 2.8 liter have a very high torque and greater elasticity of the engine, which in combination with an automatic transmission gives the feeling of comfort when driving in differentconditions, whether the city or the open highway. Have a similar defect in the form of possible scoring of the cylinder wall, which would entail the overhaul of the engine with large cash outlay.

V-shaped 6-titsilindrovy engine 2.7-liter biturbo

V-shaped 6-titsilindrovy 2.7Biturbo engine is the most powerful lineup B5. The most common problem is the failure of the turbines and the high consumption of motor oil. Due to the complex cooling system overheating is likely one of the cylinder heads. But all these problems can not be compared with the driving pleasure of the shell.

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